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Cable’s Role in a Multiplatform Universe

Media Financial Management’s Mary Collins considers the impact streaming has on traditional TV and how cable companies can profit in a multiplatform world.

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Diversity is Good Business

Diversity is good business is one of the inescapable conclusions in the just-released sixth annual UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report

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Why Cable’s Financial Outlook Remains Bright for 2019 and Beyond

While OTT competition may be concerning many about cable’s future financial success, MFMA’s Mary M. Collins believes its 2019 financial outlook is bright.

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CTHRA: The Connection Between Your People and Profitability

Companies should be just as eager to recognize individuals as they are to honor product development, sales, or M&A executives, according to MFFA’s Mary Collins.

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Changing Brands to Serve a Changing Industry

Ch- ch- ch- ch- changes… I nominate David Bowie’s classic lyrics as the cable industry’s official theme song.

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Cable Gets Down to Business

Cable’s business revenues have come a long way since the days of selling HBO to hotels and bars. Here’s a look at cable’s interest in growing its share of the commercial segment.

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Think Outside the (Cable) Box

With the Independent show now underway, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the cable industry’s future extends way beyond the set top box.

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Keeping ‘Community’ in Cable is More Important Than Ever

Cable’s continued role as a community’s best choice for accessing a rich diversity of video programming and telecom services is good policy as well as good business.

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