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Every business day for more than 26 years, Cablefax Daily has been bringing the industry the day’s vital business and regulatory updates. We sum up the day’s most pressing news as well as the strategic initiatives that are driving our dynamic multiscreen and broadband cable industry forward.

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Every issue features:

  • Program & Network Ratings – what’s on top, what’s slipping and sliding, and why
  • Wheeling and Dealing – we help you keep your eye on what’s important, and who comes out on top in the new deals, developments and power plays
  • The intersection of digital and social media, technology and multi-platform distribution – and who’s got the next big idea… plus, how the FCC will get involved
  • Breaking business, finance, M&A results – implications for ALL parties involved
  • Broadband adoption – how fast and how far, and the best-suited platforms
  • People and Executives – where are they moving and who are the rising stars
  • Regular Columns like: “Think About That for a Minute” by Steve Effros, Programmer’s Page, CablefaxTECH and Week in Review

Meet the editors:

Michael Grebb
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Amy Maclean
Editorial Director
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Alex Silverman

Katie Nale

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