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Cap Size: Gloves Come Off in Broadcast Ownership Limit Comments

If MVPDs no longer have an ownership cap, why should broadcast? That sums up the ownership cap argument of Sinclair, which is seeking to acquire Tribune.

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FCC Facing Broadband Map Fail

Remember FCC commish Jessica Rosenworcel’s We’re told hundreds of responses have come in to the email address and that they are still being collected.request in February that consumers send errors they see

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It’s Time: Clyburn to Leave FCC Before Next Open Meeting

Clyburn, currently the agency’s longest-running commissioner, does plan to depart prior to the next scheduled meeting on May 10.

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NPRM, Spectrum Auction Plans At the FCC Meeting

The FCC’s efforts to update media rules for a digital age continue, with the five commissioners unanimously approving a proposal to remove a rule from 1972 that requires cable operators to maintain at their local office a current listing of cable TV channels that each system delivers to subs.

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Comcast Dinged for DirecTV Messaging

The National Advertising Division has recommended Comcast discontinue ads that suggest DirecTV Choice customers will be subjected to unavoidable, substantial, and undisclosed built-in price increases. Comcast

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Paid Prioritization On the Hill

Offering a breather from net neutrality and the headline-dominating Facebook data scandal, discussion of the implications of paid prioritization dominated the Hill on Tuesday.

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FCC and T-Mobile Reach Settlement

The FCC and T-Mobile reached a $40mln settlement following an investigation into whether the wireless provider failed to correct ongoing problems with delivery of calls to rural consumers.

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Supreme Court Case Could Have OTT Implications

The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments that could open the door to states imposing taxes on OTT services, even if they aren't located in the state.
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