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Election Selection: FCC Gets Input on Streamlining Retrans/Must Carry Notices

The FCC got an earful about how broadcasters should handle notifying MVPDs of whether they’re electing retransmission consent or must-carry every three years. The gist from pay TV distributors was that any

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Charter In the Courts

A NY state judge denied Charter’s motion to dismiss a complaint by the NY AG alleging that the MSO defrauded customers by promising high-speed internet speeds and reliable access that it knew it couldn’t deliver on.

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Broadcast Beat: Northwest CEO Hits DC, NAB Wants to Flip Script

Northwest Broadcasting CEO Brian Brady says he’s been in DC these past few days meeting with lawmakers on the Hill and with FCC staffers on the retrans impasse with Charter.

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Did FCC Sin Over Sinclair?

A NY Times story Thursday quoted Rep Frank Pallone (D-NJ) as saying the FCC’s Inspector General has opened an investigation into whether chmn Ajit Pai and his aides improperly pushed through regulation changes that benefited Sinclair.

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Cable Players File In Support Of FCC Net Neutrality Ruling

NCTA, ACA, AT&T, USTelecom and CTIA have all filed motions with federal courts to intervene in support of the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which revokes Title II classification for ISPs.

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Effros: The War on the Edge

Steve Effros dishes on edge providers such as Google, Amazon and Facebook and their ongoing battle with government forces, leaving consumers in the middle.

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House Commerce Approves Repack Funding

House Commerce unanimously agreed Wednesday to authorize additional funding for full power TV and radio broadcasters in the repacking of their channels following the spectrum auction.

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Fake Net Neutrality Comments

Democratic House Commerce members are still seeking more info on the public comment process for the FCC’s net neutrality order.
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