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Alphabet Soup - MPEG over IP

Today we will cover how a MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) is carried over an IP network. This video covers the following technical terms: UDP, RTP, TCP/IP, RTCP, OSI, IP, QoS

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This Is Who We Are

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who have not heard of us is…”What is Blonder Tongue?” It got us thinking, what better way to explain than through a video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much we enjoyed making it. Take a look, this is who we are.

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Alphabet Soup - MPEG Transport Stream

In today's episode, we use some pictorials to help you further understand what you get as a result of the encoder process. This video covers the following technical terms: OSI, TS, PSI, PSIP, PID, PAT, PMT, STT, MGT, VCT, EIT, ETT, DCCT, DCCST, PES, MPTS, SPTS

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Programmer Perspective: TV Everywhere Here to Stay

Programmers gathered at the Indy Show predict more expansion of authenticated content under TV Everywhere.

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Indy Show Notebook

Analyst Laura Martin warns independent cable operators that Silicon Valley is a bigger threat than rising content costs.

Q&A with Canoe Ventures’ Chris Pizzurro

Canoe Ventures' Chris Pizzurro gives us his take on the future of VOD and dynamic advertising.

NVerizon Targets Cable

NVerizon launches its CLASS platform to speed up workflow at cable headends.

Envivio Demos at NCTC

Envivio shows off its cloud-based multi-screen services to indie ops gathered in Kansas City.

Comcast Renews Deal with NCTC

Comcast renews a multi-year agreement with NCTC for Headend in the Sky content.

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Independent POV: Show Talk Tackles Consolidation, Gigabit Speeds, Video

Indy Show hits range of topics, including consolidation, broadband rollouts and the role of linear video.

Arris Works with Small Firm for ‘Content Forward’ OTT Platform

Arris has teamed up with 4-year-old firm Wurl to launch Arris Market, an open platform aimed to enable MSOs to integrate OTT video with linear services. “We expect to see streaming services from premium web
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