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How to Set Up HDE-8C-QAM for DIRECTV

Welcome to setting up your Blonder Tongue HDE-8C-QAM for the DIRECTV Receiver-Less Solution! Blonder Tongue’s HDE-8C-QAM with option 2 provides an economical DIRECTV HD solution for the institution market.

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Capturing a MPEG Transport Stream

Having problems and errors in the quality of your video file? In this video we focus on the first step, capturing a Transport Stream, using Blonder Tongue’s MTSA-PRO!

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BT-AcTS™ App Now Available

As part of the next generation ”Broadband Reference Guide”, Blonder Tongue brings you BT-AcTS™, a quick and easy way to find commonly used CATV and IPTV Acronyms, Terms and Symbols, which are further clarified in a series of “Alphabet Soup” training videos.

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Choo, Choo! Rovi to Roll TiVo in and Take its Name

TiVo is the latest company to get swooped up, with Rovi announcing a $1.1bln cash and stock purchase on Fri.

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Comcast Goes Terabyte

Comcast, which is experimenting with usage-based broadband plans in several markets, said it’s moving to a terabyte data plan.

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WiFi Workshop

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which counts companies such as Comcast, Apple, Arris and Intel as members, held its LTE-U coexistence test workshop Tues.

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Smart Home Research

Some 9% of US broadband HHs own a smart garage door opener, and nearly 50% of HHs interact with it almost every day via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, according to the latest research by Parks Associates.

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Comcast Deals

As part of its strategy to expand WiFi access, Comcast teamed with Wawa to let customers visiting Wawa stores in DE, FL, MD, NJ, PA and VA access free WiFi.

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Bright House’s Hotel Deal

Under a deal with Tampa’s new Barrymore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk, Bright House will offer hotel guests various Internet services.

LTE-U Workshop

The Wi-Fi Alliance, which counts Comcast, Cisco, Intel, Apple and Broadcom as members, is set to hold its LTE-U Coexistence Test Workshop in San Jose Tues.

Cable’s Road to 5G

There will be plenty of talk around future wireless technology such as 5G and the convergence of cable’s fixed network and mobile network at this year’s INTX.
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