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How to Set Up HDE-8C-QAM for DIRECTV

Welcome to setting up your Blonder Tongue HDE-8C-QAM for the DIRECTV Receiver-Less Solution! Blonder Tongue’s HDE-8C-QAM with option 2 provides an economical DIRECTV HD solution for the institution market.

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Capturing a MPEG Transport Stream

Having problems and errors in the quality of your video file? In this video we focus on the first step, capturing a Transport Stream, using Blonder Tongue’s MTSA-PRO!

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BT-AcTS™ App Now Available

As part of the next generation ”Broadband Reference Guide”, Blonder Tongue brings you BT-AcTS™, a quick and easy way to find commonly used CATV and IPTV Acronyms, Terms and Symbols, which are further clarified in a series of “Alphabet Soup” training videos.

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Viacom and Comcast Join in Advanced Advertising Deal

Viacom and Comcast are coming together on a multi-year advanced advertising partnership.

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Comcast and Charter Continuing to Go Mobile

Comcast and Charter signed on to a 50/50 operating platform partnership Friday which has the two focusing on the development and design of backend systems supporting Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile, but will keep the businesses operations completely separate.

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Moving to Cox: A Tough Job

I have witnessed it all in the past few weeks as my long desire to switch out of my FiOS service and back to Cox (Contour/X1) as my provider finally came true.

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Bulluch Moving to IPTV Solution

Georgia cable provider Bulloch Telephone Cooperative is migrating from its current cable solution to a complete IPTV solution, thanks to a video sharing partnership with Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware.

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FuboTV Raises $75 Million in Series D Funding

fuboTV has raised $75mln in Series D funding. This round included AMC Networks and existing investors 21st Century Fox, Luminari Capital, Northzone, Sky and Scripps Networks Interactive.

Full Duplex DOCSIS Technology Moves Closer to Deployment

Full Duplex (FDX) DOCSIS technology dramatically changes the downstream-to-upstream ratio, with the capability of offering 5 Gbps simultaneously in both directions.

CFX Tech: Following in the EU’s Footsteps on Big Data

The US could learn a few lessons from European regulators when it comes to customer privacy and data protection in the age of big data.

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I’ve Got The Power

SCTE-ISBE is teaming with Comcast and Liberty Global on the Adaptive Power Challenge, which will guide the development of improved solutions to manage energy across broadband networks.
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