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Alphabet Soup - MPEG over IP

Today we will cover how a MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) is carried over an IP network. This video covers the following technical terms: UDP, RTP, TCP/IP, RTCP, OSI, IP, QoS

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This Is Who We Are

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who have not heard of us is…”What is Blonder Tongue?” It got us thinking, what better way to explain than through a video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much we enjoyed making it. Take a look, this is who we are.

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Alphabet Soup - MPEG Transport Stream

In today's episode, we use some pictorials to help you further understand what you get as a result of the encoder process. This video covers the following technical terms: OSI, TS, PSI, PSIP, PID, PAT, PMT, STT, MGT, VCT, EIT, ETT, DCCT, DCCST, PES, MPTS, SPTS

Amazon Buys Twitch

In addition to providing original programming, Jeff Bezos has more ambitious plans for Amazon’ s entertainment business.

TiVo Upgrades Roamio

TiVo launched a new version of its Roamio DVR letting users record shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Univision (channel lineup will vary).

Q&A: Simple.TV CEO Mark Ely

We recently chatted with Mark Ely, CEO of Simply.TV about the company’s new service and DVR technology.

iPhone 6 Launch Date: What to Expect

Our Take As more video moves to mobile platforms, here’s a little taste of what the Apple rumor mill is saying about the iPhone 6 expected to be announced next month. One thing we know: The screen will be bigger, which could make watching video all the more enticing when a tablet isn’t within reach.…

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Cable on Campus: MSOs Roll out Streaming Service

Cable operators go with the flow on college campuses, rolling out streaming services to fit students' viewing habits.

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GigaPower Expansion

AT&T ’s expansion of its GigaPower service continues.

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Cox in DC: Expanding Connect2Compete Through 2016 with $15mln Support

Cox expands participation in Connect2Compete with a $15 million commitment.

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Winds of Change at Windstream

Windstream leadership reorganizes.
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