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Alphabet Soup - MPEG over IP

Today we will cover how a MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) is carried over an IP network. This video covers the following technical terms: UDP, RTP, TCP/IP, RTCP, OSI, IP, QoS

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This Is Who We Are

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who have not heard of us is…”What is Blonder Tongue?” It got us thinking, what better way to explain than through a video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much we enjoyed making it. Take a look, this is who we are.

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Alphabet Soup - MPEG Transport Stream

In today's episode, we use some pictorials to help you further understand what you get as a result of the encoder process. This video covers the following technical terms: OSI, TS, PSI, PSIP, PID, PAT, PMT, STT, MGT, VCT, EIT, ETT, DCCT, DCCST, PES, MPTS, SPTS

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Cox in DC: Expanding Connect2Compete Through 2016 with $15mln Support

Cox expands participation in Connect2Compete with a $15 million commitment.

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Winds of Change at Windstream

Windstream leadership reorganizes.

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Targeted Advertising

BlackArrow announced audience-based ad frequency capping across multiple TV screens.

Synacor 2Q: Charter Relationship Changed

Synacor may lose 10% of its business as Charter takes development in-house, but execs see other opportunities.

Elemental Gets Contract

Elemental Technologies, which provides video processing service, scored a contract with Roberts Communications Network.

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Smart Home News

What you need to know about Smart Home tech.

Verizon CFO: Get Ready for Multicast Video

Verizon CFO previews multicast plans as telco emphasizes mobility.

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Synacor Showdown

Synacor poised to hold Special Meeting of shareholders to vote on removal of leadership.
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