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Alphabet Soup - MPEG over IP

Today we will cover how a MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) is carried over an IP network. This video covers the following technical terms: UDP, RTP, TCP/IP, RTCP, OSI, IP, QoS

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This Is Who We Are

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who have not heard of us is…”What is Blonder Tongue?” It got us thinking, what better way to explain than through a video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much we enjoyed making it. Take a look, this is who we are.

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Alphabet Soup - MPEG Transport Stream

In today's episode, we use some pictorials to help you further understand what you get as a result of the encoder process. This video covers the following technical terms: OSI, TS, PSI, PSIP, PID, PAT, PMT, STT, MGT, VCT, EIT, ETT, DCCT, DCCST, PES, MPTS, SPTS

TiVo Co-founders Discontinue Qplay

Internet video streaming service Qplay, established by TiVo co-founders Michael Ramsay and Jim Barton just a few months ago, will be shut down on July 25.

4K Research: Awareness Low

Despite the momentum, short-term demand for 4K is hindered by “a widespread lack of awareness among consumers and a marked sensitivity to the costs of these advanced sets,” according to a study by The Diffusion Group.

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Beamly Adds Android

UK-based social TV firm Beamly, formerly zeebox, integrated with Android TV, allowing its personalized guide and content discovery platform to be embedded in the Android TV interface.

Mobile Measurement

Nielsen recently announced the commercial availability of its mobile video measurement, an expansion of the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to include impressions from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Microsoft X-ing Xbox Studios

Microsoft ’s Xbox Entertainment Studios is a casualty in its just-announced round of massive layoffs.

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Netflix Speed Index

Verizon FiOS used to do well in Netflix’ s ISP speed index but the telco’s speeds have fallen since Jan, according to the streaming company, which has blamed the telco for streaming issues.

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Never Mind – Commentary by Steve Effros

Commentary by Steve Effros on fiber systems.

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Slow Lane: FCC’s Filing System Lags, Open Internet Comments Pour In

FCC's filing system struggles to process flood of comments in Open Internet proceeding.
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