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How to Set Up HDE-8C-QAM for DIRECTV

Welcome to setting up your Blonder Tongue HDE-8C-QAM for the DIRECTV Receiver-Less Solution! Blonder Tongue’s HDE-8C-QAM with option 2 provides an economical DIRECTV HD solution for the institution market.

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Capturing a MPEG Transport Stream

Having problems and errors in the quality of your video file? In this video we focus on the first step, capturing a Transport Stream, using Blonder Tongue’s MTSA-PRO!

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BT-AcTS™ App Now Available

As part of the next generation ”Broadband Reference Guide”, Blonder Tongue brings you BT-AcTS™, a quick and easy way to find commonly used CATV and IPTV Acronyms, Terms and Symbols, which are further clarified in a series of “Alphabet Soup” training videos.

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NBC Olympics in 4K

NBC Olympics will distribute 4K Ultra HD programming.

Wall St. Analysts on Google Fiber

It was interesting last week at INTX to hear Wall St analysts try to decipher just what Google Fiber is all about.

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More from FCC Meeting

A group of 58 tech companies, including Reddit, Yelp and Vimeo, asked the FCC to lead a public discussion around the zero-rating practice.

CableLabs UpRamp Deadline Nears

CableLabs’ recently launched startup accelerator UpRamp will close its first application period on Monday, May 30.

MediaBiz Announces Partnership with Cablefax

MediaBiz Announces Advanced OTT & TVE Tracking Charts and a Partnership with Cablefax.

Kaltura’s New Service

Video tech firm Kaltura launched the Kaltura Video Platform as a specialized cloud video service aimed to allow companies to build and deploy video services

Google’s VR Ambition

Google has its eyes on virtual reality, and its YouTube unit is going along for the ride.


Reference Design Kit (RDK) featured prominently during INTX last week as the pre-integrated software bundle seeks to provide a common framework for supporting CPEs including set-tops.
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