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TVOD Providers by Content Type

In this chart, MediaBiz looks at the breakout of movies and TV that are provided by three services: Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Vudu.

TV vs. Movies: SVODs by Content Type

This chart compares three different SVOD providers--Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix--by looking at the number of overall titles and the breakout between movies and TV series.

How Exposed is Your Digital Content?

This chart looks at the number of series that originally broadcast on linear networks that found their way to the Hulu platform, and how many are currently airing on linear and on Hulu.

June 2016: Exposure of Content, Premium

This chart from looks at the exposure across platforms of HBO's "Game of Thrones" and Showtime's "Penny Dreadful."

June 2016: Exposure of Content

MediaBiz looks at the "exposure" level of a particular series, in this case Netflix original "Orange Is the New Black."

June 2016: Average Age of Content, SVODs

MediaBiz has created charts detailing the average age of content for three SVOD services, HBO Now, Showtime and StarzPlay.

May 2016: Age of Content, Advertising Video On Demand

These charts from MediaBiz look at three AVOD, or Advertising Video On Demand services, and measure the average age of the content provided by that service.

MediaBiz Announces Partnership with Cablefax

MediaBiz Announces Advanced OTT & TVE Tracking Charts and a Partnership with Cablefax.
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