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Potential Cord Cutters Don’t Want To Lose These Channels

Long Island-based Beta Research Corporation recently asked adults who indicated they are very interested in dropping their cable subscriptions to rate their interest in various digital basic/mid-sized/emerging cable networks.

Starz Leads Premiums in Total Series & Movies

Even with the top three premium cable channels -- HBO, Showtime and Starz -- all investing in original series, their catalogs consist primarily of movies.

Netflix Dominates Original SVOD Content

There's no question which SVOD player has the most original content. MediaBiz takes a look at how Hulu and Amazon stack up to Netflix's behemoth arsenal.

A Content Breakdown for Hulu’s JV Partners

These charts from MediaBiz examine the Hulu joint venture companies and the content they provide in relation to their ownership stake.

How Exposed Is ‘The Walking Dead?’

"The Walking Dead" premieres its 7th season on AMC this Sunday, October 23. So naturally, viewers will be catching up on season 6 this week.

Amazon, Netflix, Hulu – A Look at Their Offerings

Amazon serves up more movies than Hulu or Netflix while Netflix offers more episodes which translate into the most hours of viewable content.

Broadcasters Increase Free Content Online

Broadcasters are upping the amount of free content on their websites in time for the fall TV season.

Hulu Content – User Quality Rating, Average Age

In this chart MediaBiz breaks out Hulu content by type (TV or movies), quality rating and average age of content.
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