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➢ Global online TV episode and movie revenues will reach $129bln in 2023, more than double the $53bln recorded in 2017. ➢ OTT revenues will exceed $1bln in 17 countries by 2023 compared to 10 countries in 2017. ➢ AVOD revenues still have room to grow, increasing by $27bln between 2017 and 2023 to take…


44% of consumers watch at least five videos online each day. 56% of people spend most of their social media time on Facebook, while 18% prefer Instagram. 47% of people watch more videos on Facebook while 41% do so on YouTube. Only 8% watch the most on Instagram. 70% of people often visit the publisher’s…

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Comcast 2Q: Focus on the Broadband, Forget Video

Comcast’s 2Q earnings report makes a case for why the focus should be on broadband vs video these days.

ABI Research Predicts 4K Growth

ABI Research forecasts that 4K flat panel TV shipments will surpass 102 million in 2018.

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TVision Insights Secures $11.5mln in Funding

TVision Insights announced it has secured $11.5mln in funding led by Accomplice and Jump Capital. The company describes itself as

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Netflix Ended Q2 1mln Subscriptions Lower Than Expected

Netflix may have beat out HBO in Emmy nods last week, but not everything was stellar at the streamer in Q2. The company ended the quarter with 130mln subs (+5.2mln), 1mln below its projections of 6.2mln net

How Political, Societal and Cultural Controversies Are Impacting Audience Response to Content

Cultural, political and societal events and trends can penetrate audiences’ relationship to content when that content is relevant.

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Discovery Channel Most In Demand Basic Net For Cordcutters

Everyone’s content-crazy nowadays, but Discovery Channel rose above to be the most in demand basic network amongst cordcutters and non-subs.
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