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Effros: On The Rights Side

Steve Effros offers his take on the adoption of extensive statutory regulatory reform of cable television in the early 1990’s.

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Effros: A Gordian Knot

Steve Effros talks of the birth of the first Superstation as well as Charter’s claims that DirecTV Now is creating competition in Massachusetts and Hawaii.

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Effros: Connected

Everything seems to be connected these days. Here’s a little brain-teaser for you as the summer hiatus ends; how are Brett Kavanaugh, “originalist” thinking, abortion politics, pseudo-progressives

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Effros: Playing With Fire

Steve Effros tackles the recent drama between Verizon and the Santa Clara County Fire Department, touching on the term “throttling” and prioritized service.

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Effros: The Halftime Correction

Steve Effros talks the FCC’s recent DDoS conundrums and how one hearing shook Washington last week.

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Effros: In The Dark

Steve Effros chronicles a night where he suffered from an unexpected power outage, but was still able to keep his cable system running in the dark.

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Effros: The Little Things

Effros talks the importance of the little things when it comes to the latest technological innovations and features.

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Effros: Honoring Gessner

Steve Effros recalls the life of Dick Gessner, a friend and true independent cable operator who paved his own way.

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