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Effros: The Bleeding Edge

I’ve been chronicling my switch from Verizon’s FiOS back to Cox’s bundled services here in Fairfax County, just outside of DC.

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Effros: Resolution

2019! And I’ve already changed my mind. The last column I wrote suggested that I would engage in the time-honored exercise of year-end prognostication in the “final” column of the year. Little did I know

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Effros: Flipping

With so much flipping going on these days, Effros gives his take on what to expect in the coming years.

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Effros: We Don’t Know

It was a long time ago, but I remember it very vividly. I was one of a team of young lawyers at the FCC who had just successfully finished drafting the first comprehensive federal rules for “CATV.”

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Netflix: Tech?

It struck me that when comparisons started to be made, and charts drawn, regarding the remarkable surge (and now some precipitous drops) in the “tech industry,” Netflix was one of the primary examples.

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Effros: What if?

What if it turns out, or at least appears, that something we took for granted is wrong, or much more ambiguous than we thought?

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Effros: No Midterm Surprises

Too many folks are still asking questions about the midterm elections and what they might mean. But, I think happily my take is pretty simple; no surprises.

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Effros: ’10G’

I want to join those who have suggested that the new, ultra-fast, symmetrical service to be offered by cable broadband systems fly under the banner of “10G”.

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