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Effros: In The Dark

Steve Effros chronicles a night where he suffered from an unexpected power outage, but was still able to keep his cable system running in the dark.

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Effros: The Little Things

Effros talks the importance of the little things when it comes to the latest technological innovations and features.

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Effros: Honoring Gessner

Steve Effros recalls the life of Dick Gessner, a friend and true independent cable operator who paved his own way.

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Effros: Pravda Commentary

Effros says the battle over “fake news” is not new, pointing to Pravda, the 106 year-old broadsheet newspaper of the Communist Party in Russia.

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Effros: Take Another Deep Breath

Effros urges all to “take another deep breath” in the wake of the AT&T-Time Warner deal approval.

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Effros: Time and Money

In all the loud and overwrought debates about technology these days, there seems to be an almost intentional omission of two aspects that are ultimately key to understanding the significance (or lack thereof) of the disputes. Time and money.

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Effros: Logical Dissonance

It’s now becoming obvious; there’s a growing awareness that competing theories about how to envision the future of the video marketplace are starting to seriously clash.

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Moving to Cox: A Tough Job

I have witnessed it all in the past few weeks as my long desire to switch out of my FiOS service and back to Cox (Contour/X1) as my provider finally came true.

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