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Who Could Have Guessed?

Netflix will reportedly spend over $14 Billion on content creation this year while also expecting a likely drop of $3 to $4 Billion in free cash flow.

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The convergence of the television screen and the computer screen and now even the smartphone screen has been discussed endlessly.

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Effros: No Deals

Amazon decided that the political heat created by their announced plan to build an “HQ2” facility in New York City was a bit too much.

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No Surprises

The surprise news came in a blog post last week. Google Fiber has had second thoughts and is pulling out of one of its 12 major builds.

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Fired Up

There was a fire in the building housing the Fox, MSNBC and C-SPAN studios up on Capitol Hill.

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Effros: No Hue, No Cry

Netflix just announced a more than 18% increase in the cost of its most popular subscription tier. This comes barely a year after the last increase. No front-page headlines, no hue and cry.

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Effros: The Bleeding Edge

I’ve been chronicling my switch from Verizon’s FiOS back to Cox’s bundled services here in Fairfax County, just outside of DC.

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Effros: Resolution

2019! And I’ve already changed my mind. The last column I wrote suggested that I would engage in the time-honored exercise of year-end prognostication in the “final” column of the year. Little did I know

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