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Effros: Useless Labels in Washington

It’s no secret any more that Washington, and particularly Congress, has become non-functional. It wasn’t always like this. To be sure, there was “conservative” versus “liberal” thinking, and there were “Republican” pigeonholes to go along with the “Democrat” ones, but when I got to this town things were a lot different. Maybe we can move back in that direction, but it will take a lot of concerted effort and the necessity of maintaining the integrity of what you say you are “for” or “against.”

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Effros: The War on the Edge

Steve Effros dishes on edge providers such as Google, Amazon and Facebook and their ongoing battle with government forces, leaving consumers in the middle.

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Effros: Missing the (Ratings) Point

Steve Effros talks Super Bowl and live sports ratings, combating speculation from some that they won’t be a dominant part of television’s future.

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Effros: Of Geese and Ganders

I read an interesting column in the New York Times a few weeks ago by Neil Irwin, one of their senior economics writers. He focused on the issues surrounding surge, variable and congestion pricing, and how consumers react to those pricing policies.

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Effros: Picture Perfect

Steve Effros talks his adventures getting the best picture on the latest televisions. Just turning it on is no guarantee you’re getting top quality.

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Effros: DC Losing Sight of Net Neutrality Objectives

And they wonder why most of us, even in Washington, DC, are fed up with what’s going on in Washington, DC! Sorry, folks, but I’m going to have to go on a bit of a political rant here for a while since things have gotten so out of control that it seems no one remembers their original stated objectives for the things they are now expostulating about.

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Effros: The Exclusivity Binge

Steve Effros talks program exclusivity and the ubiquitous nature of binge watching since the advent of OTT in his latest column.

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Effros: New Year, More of the Same

Columnist Steve Effros celebrated the new year like the rest of us, but will 2018 bring a change in the world of cable. No – just more of the same.

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