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Effros: Logical Dissonance

It’s now becoming obvious; there’s a growing awareness that competing theories about how to envision the future of the video marketplace are starting to seriously clash.

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Moving to Cox: A Tough Job

I have witnessed it all in the past few weeks as my long desire to switch out of my FiOS service and back to Cox (Contour/X1) as my provider finally came true.

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Effros: Risk Assessment

Cablefax columnist Steve Effros uses the recent Facebook drama to offer a risk assessment on updating telecommunications laws for the Digital Age.

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Effros: Sunshine

Steve Effros covers the latest school shooting in his column, including calls for censorship of NRATV in the aftermath of it all.

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Effros: Timing Key for 5G, Mesh Networks

Steve Effros has seen plenty of “emerging technologies” come into their own, and when it comes to 5G, mesh networks and the like, it’s all in the timing.

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Effros: Useless Labels in Washington

It’s no secret any more that Washington, and particularly Congress, has become non-functional. It wasn’t always like this. To be sure, there was “conservative” versus “liberal” thinking, and there were “Republican” pigeonholes to go along with the “Democrat” ones, but when I got to this town things were a lot different. Maybe we can move back in that direction, but it will take a lot of concerted effort and the necessity of maintaining the integrity of what you say you are “for” or “against.”

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Effros: The War on the Edge

Steve Effros dishes on edge providers such as Google, Amazon and Facebook and their ongoing battle with government forces, leaving consumers in the middle.

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Effros: Missing the (Ratings) Point

Steve Effros talks Super Bowl and live sports ratings, combating speculation from some that they won’t be a dominant part of television’s future.

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