Savalle Sims

The Why? In addition to her many contributions as an experienced litigator for Discovery, Sims has become an advocate of diversity in the industry. Sims strives to partner with outside law firms that prioritize diversity, while maintaining her support for a number of Warner Bros. Discovery’s internal diversity initiatives. By advocating for a diverse workforce with colleagues both internally and externally, Sims has been integral in helping the company and the industry at large to build and nurture an inclusive workplace that attracts, retains and rewards exceptional talent.

She Says… Some people who have kicked down doors for me are “Rita Bank, Tony Lupo, Adria Alpert Romm and Bruce Campbell.”

A TV series that inspires me: “Perry Mason.”

Who has kicked down a door for you? Rita Bank, Tony Lupo, Adria Alpert Romm and Bruce Campbell.

First event attended IRL when live reopened? 38th Frank Stanton Award for Excellence Award, Center for Communication honoring Tina Perry.

Honored For: