Nominate for The Diversity List 2022

Every year, Cablefax recognizes the top multi-ethnic executives based on their influence and power within the industry—as well as their commitment to ensuring that other execs of color receive the same opportunities to grow and flourish. The Diversity List honors proven inclusive leaders contributing to a more equitable industry for all. Help us celebrate the people who are shaping the industry and opening doors for diversity & inclusion across all areas of the media business. Until Friday, June 3, each organization can submit three entries for free. After June 3rd, separate rates apply (see below).  

This year, Cablefax: The Magazine introduces its inaugural Pride List, honoring top LGBTQ+ execs who are making their mark on the industry. 

Cablefax is also seeking nominations for a number of individual and organization awards, including D&I Mentor of the Year and Public Affairs Campaign. Additionally, this magazine features our Thrivers Under 30, the industry’s rising stars under 30. 

New this Year: The Pride List

Celebrating the Industry's Top LGBTQ+ Executives

While the Diversity List focuses on multi-ethnic executives, we also want to shine a spotlight on LGBTQ+ who are leaders within their organization and the industry. We will recognize a cadre of executives who identify as LGBTQ+ individuals and embody excellence in leadership, community service, and overall business acumen.
(This category is open to any LGBTQ+ individuals, regardless of race).

General Nomination Questions

The nomination questions are the same for both The Diversity List and The Pride List

  • What are some specific accomplishments and milestones achieved by this person in the last 12 months?
  • How has this person championed DEI in the industry and/or their community?
  • What impact has this person had on the broader media, entertainment and technologies industry?
  • What’s ahead for this person in 2022-2023?        
  • Please highlight any mentoring activities that this executive contributes to the industry.   

The nomination deadline is Friday, June 3 so please don’t delay. We look forward to your entries!

**Note: If applicable, you will be able to submit an honoree to both The Diversity List and The Pride List simultaneously.

Individual Categories

    D&I Champion

    An executive whose contributions to diversity initiatives and overall D&I leadership have had a tangible effect within the cable & broadband industry and have inspired others to do the same. 

    D&I Mentor of the Year

    An individual whose extraordinary efforts have made a measurable impact in helping to increase the number of junior to mid-level diverse executives who have risen to take on senior roles. 

    Thrivers Under 30

    Young and diverse multi-ethnic up-and-comers who represent the future of the media industry. They have demonstrable energy, new ideas and unique perspectives that have helped drive success.

    Eligibility: Person who is 30 years or younger on Dec. 31, 2022

Organization Awards

    Advertising Campaign

    This award recognizes an initiative for a brand, service or product that appeals to diverse customers or increases a company’s outreach to minority or other diverse communities. 

    Community Outreach

    This award honors specific efforts directly related to helping under-served groups or promoting a more diverse population.   

    D&I Mentoring Program

    This award recognizes a successful initiative that has had a sustained and measurable impact on a company’s ratio of diverse employees.

    Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

    This award recognizes a creative and well-executed company-wide program that meets diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.

    Employee Resource Group of the Year

    This award recognizes an active ERG that has fostered discussions between employees and successfully tackled workplace challenges.

    Public Affairs Campaign

    This award recognizes a public affairs media, lobbying or awareness initiative (local, regional or national) designed to create familiarity with a company’s diversity efforts, charitable contributions or other programs aimed at a more diverse and inclusive world.

Entry Details

Entry Deadlines and Fees

The Diversity List Nominations:

  • The first (3) nominations per organization are free on or before Friday, June 3.
  • Additional nominations are $499 each on or before Friday, June 3.
  • After June 3, all nominations are $625 each. 

The Pride List Nominations:

  • The first (3) nominations per oranization are free on or before Friday, June 3.
  • Additional nominations are $499 each on or before Friday, June 3.
  • After June 3, all nominations are $625 each. 

Individual and Organization Categories:

  • On or before Friday, June 3 – $399 per entry
  • After June 3, – $525 per entry


If I or my company is not represented on the Diversity List, can I or my company still be recognized with an Individual or Organization Award?
Yes! The Individual and Organization Awards are completely separate from the Diversity List.   

Can I enter more than one category?
Yes! It is encouraged. There is no limit to number of campaigns you can enter.

When will I be notified about the status of my entry?
You will be contacted by Cablefax staff regarding your entry only if you are named a finalist in the award program. Finalists will be notified in the summer 2022 and announced on

What are the Diversity Magazine dates need to know?

  • Ad Sales Close: September 9
  • Ads Due: September 15
  • Publication Date: October 10
  • Print Distribution during Diversity Week (Oct. 10-12)
  • Advertising Contact: Ellen Kamhi at

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