Nominations Due: Sept. 10, 2021
Final Deadline: Sept. 17, 2021

Nominate the Most Powerful Women

Every year, Cablefax recognizes the most powerful women based on their influence and power within the industry—as well as their commitment to ensuring that other execs receive the same opportunities to grow and flourish.

The Most Powerful Women magazine also recognizes women across departments including advertising, communications, corporate culture, sales, content, consultants, distribution, digital, finance, legal, operations and more.

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NEW for 2021 — Sponsors & The Rising Tide

In addition to spotlighting the industry’s biggest leaders, Cablefax is promoting the power of one-to-one relationships. This year, we are looking for executives to sponsor a candidate to be included in The Rising Tide.

These are the women whose hard work already makes it clear that they are on the path to making big waves in the future as they seek out mentors, push forward new business strategies and demonstrate boldness and creativity in their professional endeavors. To promote the surfacing of this emerging level of luminaries, we are looking to you – those already in senior positions – to put forth the names of the people they believe will populate the next class of Most Powerful Women. 

The Rising Tide will be featured along with their sponsor in a special section of the Most Powerful Women edition of Cablefax: The Magazine, as well as during our celebratory luncheon on Dec. 7 in New York.  

*The Rising Tide does not have age parameters. Sponsors can be any gender.

Individual & Organization Categories


    • Mentor of the Year

      An individual whose extraordinary mentoring efforts to women either within or outside his or her organization has made a measurable impact in helping to increase the number of low- to mid-level female executives who have risen to senior roles.

      Women’s Advancement Champion

      A female executive whose contributions to the advancement of women within her company has made an important impact within the cable & broadband industry and inspired others to step up their games.

  • Organization

    • Advertising Campaign

      Recognizes an advertising campaign for a brand, service or product that appeals to women or increases a company’s outreach to female customers or female-run businesses and clients. 

      Mentoring Program

      Recognizes a successful female-focused promotion program or initiative that has been in place for at least 2 years and has made a sustained and measurable impact on a company’s ratio of female employees.

      Public Affairs Campaign

      Recognizes a public affairs media, lobbying or awareness campaign (local, regional or national) bolster causes and charitable contributions aimed at helping women and promoting opportunities for women around the world.

  • Entry Details

    For the Most Powerful Women Nominations: 
    The first (3) nominations are free. Additional nominations are $499 each on or before September 10.
    After September 10, nominations are $625 each.

    For The Rising Tide and other categories:
    On or before September 10 – $349/each
    After September 10 – $475/each

    There is no limit on the number of entries a company can submit.

    Entry Info to Submit:

    1. Why should this nominee be included in the Most Powerful Women list? (limit of 500 words)
    2. Please provide some details of the nominee’s role in the organization. (limit 500 words)
    3. Please explain how this woman has raised the bar on creativity, strategy and executive for their organization, or how this person has gone above and beyond expectations. (limit of 500 words)
    4. This person reports directly to:

    Judging Criteria:
    Nominations will be evaluated based on X-factor and the noteworthiness of their accomplishments and background.

    For organization categories, we evaluate your entry based on creativity, innovation, sound planning implementation, results as well as proven impact on the communities targeted. Judges will evaluate campaigns on the innovativeness of execution and idea as well as the impressiveness of the results.


    The Most Powerful Women
    Free to Nominate! (First 3 Nominations) (Expired 09-10-2021)
    Additional Nominations (Expired 09-10-2021)
    Nominations After Sept. 10 (Expired 09-17-2021)
    Rising Tide / Other Categories
    Nominations On or Before Sept 10 (Expired 09-10-2021)
    Nominations After Sept 10 (Expired 09-17-2021)

    Previous Honorees



    Mary-Lou French

    Kate Schaeffer

    Advertising & Sponsorships

    Al Nassour 


    Amy Maclean