Cheryl Manley

Manley oversees a diverse team of attorneys that spans Charter’s entire company, ensuring compliance with employment laws and providing legal counsel on harassment, discrimination and other employment-related complaints, achieving numerous successes over the past year. She is also a member of the Spectrum Women and Spectrum Multicultural business resource groups, where she mentors up-and-coming leaders in the company.

“I would travel around the globe recording everything that makes life on this earth beautiful. Whether sitting by the ocean, ziplining through a Hawaiian rainforest, tracking a leopard roaming the African countryside, shopping in European boutiques I’ve only dreamed about, dining alfresco along the Ponte Vecchio, discovering treasures hidden in the world’s museums, marveling at the world’s remarkable architecture or embracing a young girl who’s grateful to have been rescued from sex trafficking, a six-month sabbatical would be food for my soul.”

What’s something you admire about Gen Z? I admire Gen Z’s abject rejection of the status quo in their relentless pursuit to be better, do better and make the world better.

What is something you learned by mentoring someone? While I generally enter a mentorship with the idea of imparting wisdom and candidly sharing my experiences, what I have learned through decades of mentoring others is the art of listening. By being still, remaining present, leaning in and opening my mind, I can hear more clearly the ways in which I can best support someone I am mentoring.

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