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Mobile Vision: 5G Dominates the Conversation at MWCA

5G cellular service potential where bandwidth efficiency, latency and immersive content are concerned, and distribution execs are embracing 5G’s promise.

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Foreign Fare Provides Spice In Crowded US Content Market

We’ve spent decades in a very insular U.S.-centric TV world with little exposure to programming produced abroad, but clearly the tide is changing.

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Leveraging Data for a Competitive Edge

There’s a new, emerging, correlating factor in businesses at large that has a huge impact on bottom-line success today: Data.

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Have You Heard About HERD?

HERD stands for Head End Re-architected as a Data Center and is closely related to an initiative in the telco world called Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD).

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How Political, Societal and Cultural Controversies Are Impacting Audience Response to Content

Cultural, political and societal events and trends can penetrate audiences’ relationship to content when that content is relevant.

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Big Budgets, Big Gambles: Using Data to Increase the Odds of Producing a Hit

It can take a lot of dollar signs and risk to come up with a hit, but Parrot Analytics’s Courtney Williams has ways of using data to increase success rates.

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Data, AI and Privacy Set the Agenda

It was a pleasure to attend the Cablefax Leaders Retreat earlier this month, and while I can’t reveal specific off-the-record discussions that occurred at the Ritz-Carlton at beautiful Amelia Island, FL, the experience got me thinking about three key areas that this industry must address: data, AI and privacy.

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Adaptive Power: The Challenge Before Us

SCTE•ISBE and cable operators Comcast and Liberty Global want to extend the understanding of network equipment energy consumption as far as possible. The goal of the Adaptive Power Challenge is to spur development of new solutions to manage energy across broadband networks.

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