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How Political, Societal and Cultural Controversies Are Impacting Audience Response to Content

Cultural, political and societal events and trends can penetrate audiences’ relationship to content when that content is relevant.

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Big Budgets, Big Gambles: Using Data to Increase the Odds of Producing a Hit

It can take a lot of dollar signs and risk to come up with a hit, but Parrot Analytics’s Courtney Williams has ways of using data to increase success rates.

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Data, AI and Privacy Set the Agenda

It was a pleasure to attend the Cablefax Leaders Retreat earlier this month, and while I can’t reveal specific off-the-record discussions that occurred at the Ritz-Carlton at beautiful Amelia Island, FL, the experience got me thinking about three key areas that this industry must address: data, AI and privacy.

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Adaptive Power: The Challenge Before Us

SCTE•ISBE and cable operators Comcast and Liberty Global want to extend the understanding of network equipment energy consumption as far as possible. The goal of the Adaptive Power Challenge is to spur development of new solutions to manage energy across broadband networks.

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A Leaders Retreat Preview with Mike Grebb

Cablefax Editorial Director Amy Maclean sat down with Publisher Michael Grebb to get the scoop on the Cablefax Leaders Retreat.

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Full Duplex DOCSIS Technology Moves Closer to Deployment

Full Duplex (FDX) DOCSIS technology dramatically changes the downstream-to-upstream ratio, with the capability of offering 5 Gbps simultaneously in both directions.

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Does Broadcast Still Have a Chance in the Battle for Popular Scripted Series?

With the presence of such big brands and big budgets in the industry space, do traditional broadcasters still have a fighting chance of standing out?

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Emotional Experiment: Advertisers Test Brand Loyalty Drivers

Advertisers are increasingly willing to experiment, whether it’s new 6-second ads that can work under certain conditions or going beyond traditional ad agencies to bundle internal media research with ad buys, said ARF pres/CEO Scott McDonald at the Advertising Research Council’s ConsumerxScience conference on Tuesday in NYC.

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