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Measuring Popularity in a Multiplatform World

Measuring the popularity of content used to be relatively easy in the linear world but, despite there being exponentially more data than ever before, it’s in fact become more difficult as we’ve witnessed the rapid proliferation of distribution platforms in recent years.

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Merger Math and the 10% Rule

20-year industry veteran Bruce Tuchman talks the math behind a merger like Disney-Fox, saying that smaller channels must be “bought by the behemoths.”

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Service Opportunities Abound With IoT-Based Smart City

While Iot and Smart Homes have been a hot topic, the opportunities that could come for cable network operators with a Smart City should not be overlooked.

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Internet of Things for the Home

The growing network of sensors and data analytics that is called the “Internet of Things” is widely recognized as one of the major technology trends of this decade.

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Advancing the Access Network to Support Tomorrow’s Customer Needs

SCTE-ISBE svp, engineering /CTO Chris Bastian talks the cable access network and how cable operators can utilize them to remain ahead of the curve.

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Industry Employers Attract & Retain Talent with Attractive Benefits

Pamela Williams, CAE, Executive Director, CTHRA, speaks on employee benefits throughout the cable industry.

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Technology Advancements Can Benefit Customer Service

SCTE/ISBE CTO Chris Bastian offers his take on how investing in the latest technology can improve customer service and overall user experience.

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In Search of Successful Multiscreen Marketing Chemistry

IBB Consulting data shows users are engaging with multiscreen and social campaigns. 30% of Snapchat users have followed an ad they saw on TV onto social.

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