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Altice 4Q: Video Declines Slow, But Company Still Open to Alternatives

When it comes to video, Altice USA is down with traditional pay TV, OTT and linking up with virtual MVPD players. For 4Q18, pay TV RGU quarterly net losses totaled 15K, better than the 25K recorded in 4Q17

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Spectrum TV Essentials: Charter Goes After Cord-Cutters

Charter took the wraps off a $14.99/month video package that will be available to internet-only customers next month.

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T-Mobile Drops Alternative C-Band Auction Plan at FCC

There’s a new C-Band auction plan at the FCC, with T-Mobile offering up an alternative to the C-Band Alliance pitch.

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CobbleCord Looks to Help Consumers Filter OTT Options

It seems like there’s a new OTT service launching almost every day. How’s a consumer supposed to keep track of it all? Enter CobbleCord.

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Pai Talks Tough Again on Combating Illegal Calls

FCC chmn Ajit Pai reiterated his call Thursday for carriers to meet a 2019 deadline for instituting a new caller ID authentication system to combat robocalls, which he described as the agency’s “top consumer protection priority.”

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Channel Drops Pick Up, While Some Nets Find Shelter

With rising programming costs affecting channel blackouts, there’s long been an argument that a day of reckoning is coming. The day may be upon us.

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Net Neutrality Hearing Showcases Well-Known Divisions

Dems finally got their turn to hold a net neutrality hearing as the majority party, but other than who was wielding the gavel, little had changed.

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Nexstar Stations Return to TDS

TDS customers have their Nexstar stations back. A month-long retrans blackout ended Friday evening, less than 48 hours from the Super Bowl airing on CBS.

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