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Sinclair-Tribune: Does ALJ Go Away? Does Tribune Stay Single?

In its $1bln lawsuit against its would-be acquirer, Tribune claims it warned Sinclair against such sales, saying the broadcaster deliberately disregarded repeated warnings from Tribune and regulators.

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Truth More Dramatic than Fiction in ‘Sacred Sites’

In some ways, Smithsonian Channel’s “Sacred Sites” covers familiar ground—from ancient Mayan temples to the well-worn pilgrimage route to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela.

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Amazon, Netflix Mathematically March into Summer TCA

Silicon Valley looks at TV viewers a bit differently than traditional networks, and that perspective was on prominent display in Los Angeles as big content spenders Amazon and Netflix rolled into summer TCA.

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Cox Names Ex Frontier Exec as CFO

Perley McBride has been selected as Cox Communications’ new CFO. He resigned from the CFO post at Frontier in June to return to Atlanta.

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In the Game: Altice USA Still Likes Video, Ramping Up Altice One

Altice USA has no plan today to de-emphasize the video bundle, CEO Dexter Goei said in a call with reporters regarding 2Q earnings.

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Blurred Lines: OTT Players See Themselves as Distributors’ Partners

The OTT guys are knocking and they want to go right through the middle and ride on cable operators’ networks.

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Indy Show Ops Consider 5G Competition Given Importance of Broadband

There may be doubts over whether 5G can really be a replacement for fixed broadband, but that doesn’t mean operators—even the smaller ones—aren’t taking the threat seriously.

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Independent Show Looks to Wireless, OTT & Beyond

If there was ever any doubt about the prominence and forward-thinking vision of the annual ACA-NCTC Independent Show, this year’s agenda should put it to rest.

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