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Political Talk: FCC Gen Counsel Says CPAC Participation OK

The FCC’s general counsel doesn’t have a problem with Republican FCC commissioners participating in a CPAC panel.

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NFL Net to Move Off Comcast Digital Starter

It looks like one of the outcomes of Fox outbidding NBC for NFL Thursday games is that NFL Network will move out of the Comcast’s Digital Starter package.

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Outside the Box: Pennsylvania Waves Carrot for Broadband Buildout

Armstrong has received more than $83mln in funds from the NY Broadband Program, which grants all New Yorkers high-speed internet access by the end of 2018.

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Supreme Court Case Could Have OTT Implications

The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments that could open the door to states imposing taxes on OTT services, even if they aren’t located in the state.

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Five Questions: NCTC Chief Tackles Future of Traditional Pay-TV

NCTC pres/CEO Rich Fickle offers insights on programmers going direct-to-consumers as well as deal-making and advocacy efforts.

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‘It Was Him’: Fact, Fiction and the Story in Between

The best way to approach Paramount Network’s “It Was Him” isn’t as a crime documentary, but as a journey. That makes it much easier to digest the six-part documentary series

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Day 1: ESPN+ Makes Its Highly Anticipated Debut

Thursday marked Day 1 of ESPN+, with the direct-to-consumer offering on various Apple, Google and Amazon products.

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Facebook-Cambridge Analytica: Why Cable Says it Won’t Happen Here

As many in cable gathered around the TV and internet Tuesday to watch Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg face questions from the Hill, there is a sense that the industry is safe from a similar scandal.

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