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Effros: The War on the Edge

Steve Effros dishes on edge providers such as Google, Amazon and Facebook and their ongoing battle with government forces, leaving consumers in the middle.

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House Commerce Approves Repack Funding

House Commerce unanimously agreed Wednesday to authorize additional funding for full power TV and radio broadcasters in the repacking of their channels following the spectrum auction.

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Broadband At The Polls

“Broadband infrastructure” is getting more lip service than “net neutrality” these days in DC, with the rural divide a favorite topic among polls.

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Fake Net Neutrality Comments

Democratic House Commerce members are still seeking more info on the public comment process for the FCC’s net neutrality order.

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Advance Notice: Starz, Altice Done, but What about 30-Day Rule?

Starz filed a complaint at the FCC accusing Altice USA of not providing Optimum and Suddenlink customers with a 30-day notice before removing Starz and Starz Encore channels on Jan 1.

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Broadcast National Cap

The FCC changed the deadline for comments on its review of the national TV audience reach cap for broadcast, including the UHF discount, to March 19 from Feb 26.

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Comcast-TiVo Battle

Comcast has filed an emergency motion in a federal court of appeals to expedite proceedings around its appeal of an International Trade Commission order that found X1 boxes infringe on two patents held by TiVo.

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FCC Dismisses Competition Reconsideration

One last administrative act in the FCC’s decision to presume cable systems nationally are subject to effective competition—meaning MVPD competitors, such as satellite, have at least 15% of the local pay TV market—unless proven otherwise.
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