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Amazon, Netflix File Suit Against Setvnow

Amazon, Netflix and others are coming after Setvnow, saying in a lawsuit filed Friday against the company that it urges customers to use it “as a tool for the mass infringement” of copyrighted films and TV shows.

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Political Talk: FCC Gen Counsel Says CPAC Participation OK

The FCC’s general counsel doesn't have a problem with Republican FCC commissioners participating in a CPAC panel.

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UHF Discount

As the FCC sorts through comments last week on the broadcast ownership cap and UHF Discount, the DC Circuit heard oral arguments Friday in Free Press, etc’s challenge of the FCC’s April 2017 reinstatement of the UHF discount.

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FCC Facing Broadband Map Fail

Remember FCC commish Jessica Rosenworcel’s We’re told hundreds of responses have come in to the email address and that they are still being collected.request in February that consumers send errors they see

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NAD Recommends Changes to LG Electronics Claims

The National Advertising Division has made a recommendation that LG Electronics USA make changes to or discontinue claims in its website, print and point-of-purchase advertising for the company’s Super UHD and OLED television

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Cap Size: Gloves Come Off in Broadcast Ownership Limit Comments

If MVPDs no longer have an ownership cap, why should broadcast? That sums up the ownership cap argument of Sinclair, which is seeking to acquire Tribune.

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Comcast Dinged for DirecTV Messaging

The National Advertising Division has recommended Comcast discontinue ads that suggest DirecTV Choice customers will be subjected to unavoidable, substantial, and undisclosed built-in price increases. Comcast

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Paid Prioritization On the Hill

Offering a breather from net neutrality and the headline-dominating Facebook data scandal, discussion of the implications of paid prioritization dominated the Hill on Tuesday.
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