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Cable Center Transition

President and CEO of The Cable Center Larry Satkowiak shares a few thoughts with Cablefax readers before his retirement.

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Happy Birthday, DOCSIS!

The Cable Center’s Larry Satkowiak did not want the year to end without recognizing the twentieth anniversary of one of cable’s seminal events–the “invention” of DOCSIS.

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John Walson and Service Electric

John Walson is one of the three pioneers credited with the founding of the cable industry. Here’s his story.

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Continental Cablevision

Continental Cablevision is the classic story of how to build a cable business from the ground up.

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C-SPAN and the Well-Informed Citizen

The people at C-SPAN do not often get the recognition they deserve for the contribution they make to America—give them a fresh look, says The Cable Center’s Larry Satkowiak.

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Jim Davidson and the Founding of Cable

A couple of months ago, I introduced Ed Parsons, Jim Davidson, and John Walson as the three people The Cable Center credits for “founding” cable television. In the last installment, I gave you the background on Ed Parsons; today, I would like to introduce you to James Y. Davidson.

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The New Content Model

A new model for television programming is replacing the old. Cable, the original disruptive force in television programming, is adjusting to a new era.

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The Cost of Regulation

On February 26, The Cable Center modified its cable history timeline by adding the two latest actions of the FCC. And they will play over the coming months or even years.

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