Zenita Henderson

Henderson is part of Segra’s transformational growth plan, responsible for all corporate marketing functions, sales and account management. Her efforts have driven efficiencies across the org while raising brand visibility. She has been a vocal champion of the company’s support of the Dottie Rose Foundation, providing a hub for the non-profit’s technology and computer science education for girls at Segra’s HQ in Charlotte.

“Gen Z knows what they want with no compromise. I admire that. Looking back across my 30+ years in the industry, I wish I had been more bold and fearless in several areas of my career. It might not have taken so long to get to where I am today.”

Which fictional character do you most identify with and why? I have said in many interviews that I was a darn good ‘Robin’ to my Batman (or Batwoman) for much of my career. I was very comfortable supporting my managers/leadership, providing the content, doing the work and sending them out into the world to represent my work as part of the team. Batman was great, but better because he had Robin to back his play.

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