Michelle Rice

This year TV One marks its 20th year and CLEO TV its fifth, and with Rice at the helm the networks are celebrating in style. TV One in February aired an anniversary edition of “Urban One Honors,” featuring Mary J. Blige, Dionne Warwick and others, and the network is ensconced in the FAST market with the launch last summer of the Crime & Justice channel servicing its popular true crime-themed programming. Rice also oversaw TV One’s first CTV deal, with Vizio, which it plans to expand this year. As always, she takes pride in ensuring the networks’ projects amplify unique voices, especially those of women.

What emerging industry trend are you most excited by? I am excited to learn more about the practical applications of AI in supporting research, sales and marketing across our radio, digital and TV platforms in areas such as improving customers experience, content optimization, performance/research metrics, productivity and revenue.

TV series everyone should binge: If you have never watched “Game of Thrones” or “Breaking Bad,” binge them both.

Book, movie or TV series that greatly influenced my leadership style: “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. I read this book early in my career and “Good is the enemy of Great” is the best business advice every leader should live by.

Fast food guilty pleasure: Growing up on the Jersey Shore, my family ate at Tony’s at least once a week for PIZZA!

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