Elizabeth Andrion

In a demanding regulatory environment, Andrion advances the company’s interests before federal regulatory agencies and ensures underserved communities receive broadband funding. For her team, she empowers them to speak up and gives them the tools to hone their skillsets.

“My tremendous interest in understanding people is what inspired me to be a leader—what motivates them, what discourages them, how to get the best results from them. And my overwhelming urge to find solutions and fix things, which I have found to be much better received in professional settings than personal settings.”

As a woman who grew up with Barbie, what was your reaction to Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie? My closest childhood friend was my brother, who was a year older than me. As a result, many of my childhood games were the ones traditionally liked by boys: electronic football and baseball, Battleship, Legos, Risk. Then, as now, I didn’t understand the fascination with Barbie, and though I love any effort to promote and celebrate all the greatness of women, I don’t agree that another gender should be ridiculed as a result. Build up. For an uplifting and inspiring movie about gender equality, I recommend “On the Basis of Sex” about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s experience.

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