Christy Haubegger

Haubegger’s dual roles enable her to infuse equity and inclusion in all aspects of the company, from content to the workforce. She aims to create systemic change by building a diverse global employee base, creating content that authentically reflects its audiences and providing development programs for marginalized communities. To meet these goals, Haubegger has implemented several initiatives, including the WarnerMedia Fellows Program, which provides executives of color opportunities to connect with industry leaders. She herself was fortunate early in her career to meet Edward Lewis, founder and then CEO of Essence magazine. “His mentorship is one of the key reasons I’m who I am today,” she says.

Do you have an example of male allyship that made a difference to you?
When I was out of law school and starting Latina magazine, I was fortunate to meet Edward Lewis, then founder and CEO of Essence Magazine. He had been an inspiration for me for many years and believed in me and the power of Latina women when few in the market did. I was so fortunate he became a partner, colleague, and chief investor. His mentorship is one of the key reasons I’m who I am today. I hope to honor him by being an impactful leader and paying forward what he did for me.

What one female empowerment book do you think every woman should read?
I think every woman should read “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington. One way for us to become more empowered is to take better care of ourselves. I think that in general women are more likely to take care of others before ourselves. This book gives both permission and specific tactics around finding ways to achieve success and accomplishments without sacrificing our whole selves.

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