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How to Set Up HDE-8C-QAM for DIRECTV

Welcome to setting up your Blonder Tongue HDE-8C-QAM for the DIRECTV Receiver-Less Solution! Blonder Tongue’s HDE-8C-QAM with option 2 provides an economical DIRECTV HD solution for the institution market.

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Capturing a MPEG Transport Stream

Having problems and errors in the quality of your video file? In this video we focus on the first step, capturing a Transport Stream, using Blonder Tongue’s MTSA-PRO!

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BT-AcTS™ App Now Available

As part of the next generation ”Broadband Reference Guide”, Blonder Tongue brings you BT-AcTS™, a quick and easy way to find commonly used CATV and IPTV Acronyms, Terms and Symbols, which are further clarified in a series of “Alphabet Soup” training videos.

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Cox Puts the Human in Smart Home

Cox took the theme “Aging in Place” and ran with it—showcasing everything from a robot cat to remote health monitoring in a series of smart home tours.

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TDS Licensing Espial’s Elevate Cloud

TDS signed on to a deal with Espial to license its Elevate Cloud video platform.

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Evolution Digital Unveals ‘eMerge’ App-Based UI

Evolution Digital debuted eMerge, a customizable, app-based video user interface for pay TV providers.

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Free Spectrum: Charter Interested As FCC Looks to Make Mid-Band Available

When it comes to spectrum ownership, Charter continues to find the mid-band spectrum attractive.

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Verizon Commercial 5G Goes Live

The first commercial 5G network went live on Monday. Verizon’s 5G Home network is now available in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, LA and Sacramento.

Women in Tech Gather at Grace Hopper Celebration

The Grace Hopper Celebration brought together more than 22K women to discuss everything from career development to diversity and inclusion in tech.

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Pai Dishes on 5G FAST Plan

Speaking at the White House 5G Summit Friday, FCC chmn Ajit Pai outlined his 5G FAST (Facilitate America’s Superiority in 5G Technology) Plan, which involves “freeing up spectrum, promoting wireless infrastructure [this week’s small cell vote] and modernizing regulations.”

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AirTV Brings Dual-Tuner Capability To Players

AirTV introduced its first dual-tuner capability to AirTV Player, making it so users can watch and record two OTA broadcast channels simultaneously.
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