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Effros: The Exclusivity Binge

Steve Effros talks program exclusivity and the ubiquitous nature of binge watching since the advent of OTT in his latest column.

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FCC Notes

FCC chmn Ajit Pai will attempt to make good on his pledge in April to create a new Office of Economics and Analytics at the agency.

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CES Notebook

ATSC, NAB and CTA held an event at CES on Tuesday morning to celebrate the FCC’s November approval of a voluntary rollout process for the next-generation broadcast standard.

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Senators Find Backing in Internet Freedom Fight

At least 40 senators have signed on to co-sponsor a CRA resolution that would force a vote on whether to overturn the FCC’s December decision to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order, Sen Ed Markey (D-MA) announced at a press conference Tuesday morning.

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Trump Signs Executive Orders Boosting Rural Broadband

Pres Trump used his speech to the American Farm Bureau Federation in Nashville Monday to sign two executive orders aimed at expanding broadband in rural areas.

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Senate Continues Fight Against Restoring Internet Freedom Order

Sen Ed Markey says he’s gathered more than 30 senators (37 to be exact) to force a vote on the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom order.

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If you announce $1K bonuses in response to the GOP tax plan, expect scrutiny when there are layoffs. AT&T and Comcast have both been on the receiving end, with Comcast most recently hit for the reduction of about 500 door-to-door sales employees in its Central Division.

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Net Neutrality Order Published

The brief reprieve from net neutrality headlines that the holiday brought came to an end Thursday evening as the FCC unveiled the actual order it adopted Dec 14 that releases ISPs from Title II regulation.
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