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The State of Data Ethics in Advertising

Scott McDonald, pres/CEO of the Advertising Research Foundation ( ARF), spoke with Cablefax regarding all matters related to data ethics, accuracy and advertising.

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FCC Releases CAF Broadband MAP

The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau launched an interactive CAF Broadband map showing areas eligible for funding as well as those where funding recipients have reported deployments.

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T-Mobile/Sprint: FCC Asks Cable to Weigh In; Cisco Give Deal Thumbs Up

The FCC is seeking info from various parties, including Altice USA, Comcast and Charter, on the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger. Responses are due Oct 17.

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Senate Commerce Assesses Broadband In Rural, Tribal Areas

The Senate Committee continued its assessment of the progress of broadband development in rural America in a hearing Thursday while also evaluating ways to close the digital divide.

ACA, USTelecom, Others File Joint Lawsuit Against CA Over Net Neutrality Bill

USTelecom, CTIA, NCTA and ACA filed a joint lawsuit Wednesday in federal court challenging California's net neutrality bill in yet another show of opposition to the legislation.

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Free Spectrum: Charter Interested As FCC Looks to Make Mid-Band Available

When it comes to spectrum ownership, Charter continues to find the mid-band spectrum attractive.

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DOJ Files Suit Against California Over Net Neutrality Bill

Shortly after California Gov Jerry Brown signed the state’s strict net neutrality bill into law Sunday, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against the state.

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Viewers Tune In For Kavanaugh Hearings

More people tuned into Fox News for Thursday’s coverage of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford’s testimonies.
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