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WOW! Wins with Customer Care Focus

For WOW!, the 1Q19 story was one of customer care and lowering churn.

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Should I Play or Should I Go?

Ancillary content that introduces AR and/or VR can move the needle on brand perception in a positive direction, so long as they enhance the experience.

Posted in: Technology

DOJ Looks at Antitrust, Competitive Concerns in Digital Advertising

When it comes to advertising, every dollar spent is a play in the battle for eyeballs. But how has the growth of digital and mobile changed the media mix?

Posted in: Programming

Charter In Talks To License X1 Platform

Charter has been in talks with Comcast not only about licensing the X1 platform, but the recently-launched Xfinity Flex streaming platform as well.

Posted in: Distribution

Integrating AI, Machine Learning into Cable Culture

Virtual assistants are only the beginning of what’s possible for cable and telco companies that take advantage of the power of AI and machine learning.

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AT&T Struggles with Sub Loss, Still Confident in SVOD

AT&T didn’t quite kick off 2019 with the bang it wanted.

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Verizon Offers Earnings Wins, YouTube TV in 1Q19

Verizon had some good news to deliver in the first quarter, and most of it wasn’t about 5G.

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CFX Tech: Purpose First

Everyone wants to jump in on the latest technologies and trends, but sometimes it pays off to bide your time until you know exactly how to apply it to your business.

Posted in: Technology

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