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DISH Programming Disputes Haunt 4Q18

DISH stocks fell more than seven points Wednesday with the release of disappointing 4Q18 earnings numbers on the heels of its continued blackouts with HBO and Univision.

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Weather Channel Amping Up IMR Initiative in 2019

Mid-January even saw an ice storm descend on its main set, but The Weather Channel is still standing. How? These natural disasters could actually be described as a little bit less than natural.

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Dzuban Celebrates 10-year Anniversary at SCTE-ISBE

Ten years ago, Mark Dzuban had been planning his retirement, but when offered with the opportunity to lead SCTE after 40 years in cable, he couldn’t say no.

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DC Circuit Contemplates Net Neutrality

A panel of DC Circuit judges grilled both sides to determine whether the FCC was within its authority in overturning the agency’s 2015 internet order.

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AT&T Reports Major Sub Losses After Price Increases

AT&T’s optimism for its fiber buildout, 5G rollout and the introduction of WarnerMedia’s streaming service coming in 2019 wasn’t enough to stop stocks from dropping more than four points amidst huge subscriber losses in its entertainment group.

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Verizon 4Q Mixed as Media Group Flops

It was a story of highs and lows Tuesday when Verizon held its 4Q18 earnings call with revenues again taking a hit from its media division.

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Under The Hood with Wi-Fi 6

If I had a nickel for every time I heard 5G, I would have left CES 2019 with far more money than I came with! It was plastered on gadgets and booths everywhere you looked, stealing away attention from a new generation of Wi-Fi starting to find its way into devices and networks.

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The Magic Behind ‘A Discovery of Witches’

The world could always use a little more magic, and the latest sprinkle of the supernatural has arrived in the form of “A Discovery of Witches,” which premiered simultaneously on Sundance Now and Shudder Thursday.

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