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It’s Time: Clyburn to Leave FCC Before Next Open Meeting

Clyburn, currently the agency’s longest-running commissioner, does plan to depart prior to the next scheduled meeting on May 10.

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CFX Tech: Following in the EU’s Footsteps on Big Data

The US could learn a few lessons from European regulators when it comes to customer privacy and data protection in the age of big data.

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PHOTOS: Out & About In Cable

This edition of Out & About comes at the start of the Upfront season and takes a look back at the Cable Hall of Fame celebration and the 25th annual ACA Summit.

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Jeremy Wade’s Fresh Take in ‘Mighty Rivers’

From fish to the fresh water itself, former “River Monsters” star Jeremy Wade is looking to create waves of change with the upcoming “Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers” on Animal Planet.

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CFX Tech: Plugging the Facebook App Gap

Facebook released a statement March 21 promising to introduce and pursue steps including “taking action on potential past abuse and putting stronger protections in place to prevent future abuse.” But how did it happen in the first place?

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Out of Time: DISH Drops Univision Lifestyle Channels

Univision Communications’ lifestyle channels have been dark on DISH since around 7pm ET Saturday when the current carriage dispute expired.

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Security Alert: Pai Proposes Universal Service Fund Block

FCC chmn Ajit Pai proposed blocking the Universal Service Fund from buying equipment or services from companies posing a national security threat to US communication networks or the communications supply chain.

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Summit Speak: Comcast’s Cohen Open to Paid Prioritization Ban

Speaking at ACA Summit Wednesday, senior evp David Cohen said he doesn’t know anyone who has ever participated in paid prioritization and that the term is often misapplied.

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