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ReachTV Acting as Face of Travel TV

Forget long-form content. ReachTV has found a sweet spot with 6-8 minute long programs aimed at busy travelers confined to airports.

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FCC To Vote On Auctioning EBS Spectrum

It’s full-speed ahead on expanding 5G, with the FCC to vote on whether to auction off spectrum from the 2.5GHz band at its July 10 open meeting.

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CFX Tech: 21st Century Service

Service providers are working to find the best ways to offer their customers lower latency and access to new tech. In comes Broadband Success Partners.

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Senate Dems Fail in Quest For Net Neutrality Vote

The one-year anniversary of the repeal of net neutrality arrived with a bang with three Democratic senators demanding that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) bring the Save the Internet Act to the Senate floor for an immediate vote

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Comcast Ruled in Violation of Washington Consumer Protection Law

Comcast was ordered to pay $9.1 million in penalties and refund nearly 50,000 Washington state residents.

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FCC Votes to Drop Leased Access Regulation

The FCC adopted a report and order at its open meeting Thursday to streamline the existing leased access rules, dropping the requirement that cable operators make leased access available on a part-time basis and requiring cable operators of all sizes to respond only to bona fide requests from prospective leased access programmers.

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Pluto TV Expands Carriage with Cox Contour Deal

Viacom is executing on its plan to continue growing Pluto TV’s reach, announcing Tuesday that the AVOD service will soon be launching on Cox Contour.

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CFX Tech: Life on the 6GHz Band

While WiFi in its current generation is capable of supporting 5G services including low latency and speeds in the 10Gbps range, Nagarajan and others are thinking about the 6GHz band as the way forward for the technology.

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