During the past year INSP logged more than 3.2 million MVPD new subscriber launches and meltdowns to broader packages—a testament to the business acumen and tenacity of ever-congenial industry veteran Kang. Kang also helped secure several OTT launches, including FuboTV and Tubi TV, as well as a spate of contract renewals as he drives INSP distribution forward. “Diversity can be better incorporated by hiring diverse recruiters and diversifying your sources for recruitment,” says the vice chair of NAMIC’s national board of directors.

What does your company/organization do to ensure all employees feel included?
INSP holds a monthly all-staff meeting where employees are recognized and celebrated for performance, years of service and for any industry honors and awards they receive. This not only strengthens relationships among colleagues, but also allows for employees to interact with upper management on a regular basis.

How can diversity be better incorporated into the recruiting process?
Diversity can be better incorporated by hiring diverse recruiters and diversifying your sources for recruitment.

Can you share a successful diversity program at your company or one you’ve observed at another company or organization?
We had a meeting with a major content buyer who inquired if the content we represented had diverse cast members, writers and/or directors. Later, I found out that she was also a part of their company’s diversity affinity group. It was a great testament to the effectiveness of her and her organization.

What questions is the industry not yet asking in its efforts to be more diverse and inclusive that it should be?
Before asking the question, we all have to recognize that everyone has an implicit or unconscious bias, which affects everyday decisions. Our willingness to examine our very own unconscious bias is the first step, followed by

A) where they come from

B) how do they influence our actions, and

C) what can we do about them

Which current television show/s best embrace diversity?
“Master of None”

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