Kia Painter

Painter seamlessly stepped into her CPO role in January 2023. With more than 25 years at Cox, she has a thorough understanding of the company’s evolving workforce. It’s not the easiest time to navigate the world of HR, but she’s excelling with Cox ranking as one of Glassdoor’s top 100 companies to work for and seeing its ranking on Fair360s assessment for inclusive and diverse employees jumping from 18 to 34 in the past year.

Book, movie or TV series that greatly influenced my leadership style: “You Learn by Living,” Eleanor Roosevelt

Fast food guilty pleasure: Egg rolls

If you were a social media influencer, what product would you peddle? Books

Favorite way to de-stress? Singing (carpool karaoke style) to the top of my lungs.

Summer Olympics event you most want to see in person? Fencing.

Honored For: