Ana Salas Siegel

Siegel oversees all legal resources, including the division’s business and legal affairs team. In addition, she works closely with NBCU’s corporate legal resources on transactional, litigation and employment law, as well as intellectual property, labor relations and compliance matters. “It is our responsibility to give diverse content creators the opportunity to tell their stories with a broader audience,” Siegel says.

A February 2018 UCLA study revealed that of the 45 new scripted shows approved for 2017-18 across broadcast, cable and digital platforms, only four were from creators of color, all of whom were black. What is your reaction to this report?
Although the report’s findings are disappointing, I see the report as an opportunity for Telemundo to own this issue and do our part to make sure that we are giving opportunities to the wealth of US Hispanic talent that is out there waiting to share their stories and the realities of the world they face every day.

What’s a recent example of a step forward for diversity in the industry?
At Telemundo, we are aiming to elevate the diversity and production value of the content we are producing. We are bringing new storylines centered on strong and inspirational men and women, by showcasing a snapshot of their diverse backgrounds and life stories.

In what areas should the industry step up its efforts with regard to diversity and inclusion?
It is our responsibility to give diverse content creators the opportunity to tell their stories with a broader audience. We need to make sure that we are bringing in people from varied backgrounds to the industry and allowing them to share their realities through our screens.

What’s your best advice to someone just entering the video content/distribution industry?
Be comfortable with change as well as with the speed at which it occurs. This mindset will help you thrive in an environment and industry that is constantly evolving.

What’s been the most dramatic change in your sector of the business today vs. three years ago?
There has been incredible change driven by OTTs and their increasing power to redefine the marketplace, content acquisition, distribution and consumer viewing habits.

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