Yvette Kanouff

Years at Current Organization: 2+

First Job in the Industry: Software specialist (because at the time there were no software experts in the cable industry, so there were no software titles at all!)

Bucket List: Ice-breaking cruise in Antarctica

What does the metaverse mean to you? I think of the metaverse as an immersive experience of what the World Wide Web was to people in the ’90s.

What’s your Wordle strategy? I always start with the same word. Never repeat any used letters (colored or not). I aim to minimize vowels, and finish in 3!

How many companies have you worked for? Why count? I work with startups, service providers and enterprises. When you’re in tech, you work for them all.

Your YouTube rabbit hole? Tech videos, of course

Has the telco rollout of 5G wireless in North America impacted your business? The technology move to low-latency, high-bandwidth, new services, and new charging models has been impacting the technology business for some time.

Honored For: