Vicki Lins

As the industry’s virtual CMO, Lins has helped CTAM members navigate uncertainty and change as the business continues to transform, keeping the organization consistently focused on broader challenges like piracy, retention programs and content discoverability. And the results speak for themselves: Her leadership has delivered more than 42,000 small business leads via CTAM’s, and the org continues to inform consumers about the dangers of piracy through its StreamSafely initiative. This year Lins will keep CTAM focused on those areas as well as educate consumers and the industry on the newest bundling models.

What emerging industry trend are you most excited by? New bundles hold great promise, both for consumers and for business. We’ve always been strong when working to achieve common goals. If we keep the consumer at the center of our focus and find surprising ways of delighting them, everyone wins.

Was Charter’s Disney deal precedent setting? Why or why not? The Charter Disney deal could pave the way for new partnerships within the industry. I hope it does. There’s an opportunity for content providers and distributors to come together in new and unexpected ways to give consumers more of what they want and expand their reach and offerings. Driving collective impact is at the heart of CTAM and we are exploring ways to support these potential collaborations.

Biggest takeaway from the Hollywood strikes? The strikes underscored the paramount importance of collaboration within the industry. Like it or not, we are an industry that requires different entities work together to produce our best results. By working towards common goals, we are better able to give consumers more of what they want, strengthening the business and fostering a more productive environment for all involved. Collaboration isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential for navigating change and challenges, resolving conflicts, and ultimately, shaping a more inclusive and thriving entertainment landscape.

What’s your position on Stanley cups (not the NHL kind)? As a marketer, I give them credit for embracing new customers and segments, leveraging the power of influencer and affiliate marketing, and moving quickly to capitalize on culture to drive relevance.

Do you personally still have a traditional cable video package? I do. Our home and habits are evolving like everyone else’s these days but being in such a central role in the industry, I believe it is important to stay connected across the spectrum of products our industry offers.

Favorite way to destress? Playing, hiking, and hugging my dog.

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