Monica Williams

An innovator and pioneer of data-driven distribution strategies, Williams has changed the way consumers discover content, which has spurred a new era of digital product innovation that supports a multibillion-dollar annual revenue stream. She’s also the L.A. chapter co-chair of Comcast NBCUniversal TechWomen, an ERG that encourages women to get into STEM fields.

“ERGs are a great way to get involved and not only contribute to a cause you are passionate about but also meet people in your company who are outside of your organization. My involvement in ERGs has fueled many deep, organic relationships in the industry.”

What fork in your career had the most impact? It’s taken me some time to get here and it’s still a work in progress. I think when I finally was comfortable enough to show up as my whole self, I was more impactful in my work and as a leader.

What should companies do to ensure more women are in senior leadership roles? One of the biggest challenges is the lack of sponsors for senior women leaders. Sponsorships allow and encourage women to continue to grow in their career. Companies should develop formal sponsor programs to support senior women in leadership roles.

Philanthropic event you look forward to every year: Diversity Week and The Walter Kaitz Foundation annual dinner remind me how great it is to celebrate our work to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion both in front of and behind the camera and in our businesses and workplaces. These events allow us to connect with our industry friends and colleagues, and I look forward to them every year.

Advice on embracing change: The only thing we can really count on these days is change. Change is not a bad thing. Don’t be afraid, don’t shy away. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable and use the opportunity to learn, develop new relationships and try new things!

Favorite hobby: I love to travel to new places to broaden my perspective and learn about the local culture and history. I am also a huge skier. My mind is constantly racing, but there is nothing like coming down a mountain to force me to focus. I have also recently re-taught myself how to play the piano. It has brought me a lot of joy and it has been even more fun to watch the interest my kids have developed as a result.

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