Fresh off the success of leading the company’s first presentation of the Olympics as a linear simulcast outside of the NBC Sports Live Extra app, Williams will look to do it again—aiming for bigger, better, faster, stronger for the Pyeongchang Winter Games. Spearheading tech efforts around NBCU content keeps her on her toes, but the exec still finds time to destress with yoga. “It really forces me to stay present during the practice and shutting off anything that could be going on in my life at the moment,” she says.

Who is your favorite current female TV character and why?
I know we are still learning about the characters, but I’m finding myself drawn to Beth on “This is Us.”  She is a bad as$ working mom who is strong, smart and knows how to handle even the toughest situation.  May I add, looking great while juggling it all.  

What industry topic do you think will dominate industry headlines in 2018 and why?
I think OTT will continue to be in the headlines, whether it is a bundle model or a la carte.  We are all learning and watching closely as our business evolves. 

What is one way the industry can continue to evolve in ridding itself of gender discrimination?
There is so much to be done, but one thing we can easily do is to continue to talk about it and highlight the issue so it is top of mind and not out of sight out of mind for anyone.  

What famous woman, living or deceased, would you like to have dinner with?
Tina Fey!

Best advice for relieving stress?
Yoga!  It really forces me to stay present during the practice and shutting off anything that could be going on in my life at the moment.  

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