Maria Brennan

As head of The WICT Network, Brennan represents women at every company in cable media and has served as a leading voice on issues related to gender diversity for over 25 years. On her watch the organization has doubled down on communications with chapters, stakeholders, sponsors and other members and continues to evolve critical development opportunities and initiatives both domestically and internationally. WICT Network is slated to open its fifth international chapter later this year.

“I had no real desire to see the Barbie movie, even though I am a huge fan of Greta Gerwig’s work. The idea of making Barbie something a grown woman would be interested in seemed foreign to me. However, the reviews and the hype were so positive, my daughter and I went together, almost begrudgingly. Well, we loved it; we laughed, we cried, we applauded. Leave it to a remarkably talented woman to make the Barbie persona relevant and timeless.”

What industry conference or event is must-attend for you and why? THIS FEELS LIKE YOU’RE LOBBING ME A SOFTBALL. Of course, The WICT Network Leadership Conference held during Diversity Week is my top pick. Where else can you connect with hundreds of industry executives, over 90 speakers, 40 executive coaches and 18 learning and networking sessions? The Leadership Conference is among the highest rated activities in our industry for a good reason. It’s one of kind with equal parts inspiration, education and celebration.

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