Liz Janneman

Janneman guides Ovation’s linear and OTT strategy, while also leading its advocacy platform “Stand for the Arts.” Recognizing the pandemic’s impact on the arts sector, she made a public commitment for Ovation TV to put $1 million behind its campaign for a $1 billion annual appropriation for the National Endowment of the Arts and the appointment of a Secretary of Arts and Culture. On the home front, Janneman closed several six-figure commitments with top-tier advertisers for its OTT service. For those looking to re-enter the workforce, she advises they stay up on current technology. “Overcome the objection of time away by demonstrating that your knowledge on current industry trends is up to date,” she says.

What question(s) should you ask to ensure you’re achieving pay equity?
It’s important to understand the factors that companies committed to pay equity are considering when they set compensation. First, there’s market pay. Companies typically have databases, often aggregated by outside firms, that tell them what the typical pay for a certain position is in a specific market. Second, is the internal pay structure: how employees in different roles, with different skills and experience, are compensated. Pay equity is being paid equally for equal work compared to others within your company, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. Companies leading the way on pay equity will have pay policies that are consistent across the organization and clearly defined so everyone at the company, from employees to managers to executives, understands how the company determines pay.

The best question to ask in my opinion is “Can you explain the pay range for this position and clarify how the company established the pay structure for it?”

Best advice for someone looking to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus?
Take the time to self-explore. Start-up vs. big corporation? Private versus public company? Believe in your professional self. Take your time to interview the company before you apply for the position and make sure that they are worthy of YOU. Stay current in technology. Overcome the objection of time away by demonstrating that your knowledge on current industry trends is up to date. Connect to your professional network. Reach out to colleagues and re-connect with influential contacts.

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