Kerry Brockhage

In a world turned upside down, Brockhage has made sure NBCUniversal distribution stayed on course. Not only did that include negotiating deals with MVPDs, but 2020 had her and her team securing carriage for new streamer Peacock. She provides the legal expertise for distribution and is called on frequently, including when sports took a hiatus due to COVID restrictions. Brockhage collaborates with NBCU sales leads daily to build terms, ensure and secure extensive agreements across the distribution landscape and monitors partner activity on both ends to ensure successful collaborations. She has a reputation as a team player, both inside and outside NBCU. During COVID, she’s concerned about the impact it could have on the workforce and stresses the need for flexibility. “If we start seeing people drop out of the workforce, it’s a tragedy for those families. And it’s a tragedy for the companies that lose these very talented people who have worked for them,” she says.

What is one of your proudest moments during the pandemic? I’m proud of how my team has treated their virtual “office” like the real thing, finding time to reach out to colleagues and get energy from one another.

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