Jennifer Caserta

Caserta knows AMC Networks inside out, and she’s constantly working to modernize the company’s global employee relations efforts. She oversaw the successful transition to a remote-work structure, establishing a task force to urgently roll out global organizational, technological and wellness-oriented strategies. She also helped lead the hiring of its first chief DEI officer, and played a vital role in the recent strategic reorganization to better position the company for success in a streaming-dominated industry. Caserta says pay equity is top of mind at AMC, where the senior leadership team is more than 50% women. “The question I’m consistently asking is what practices can we put in place to ensure equal pay for equal work.”

What’s one way your company has broadened the recruiting process to ensure greater diversity?
We are training our leaders on inclusive hiring and interviewing strategies and expanding the pipeline of where prospective candidates are coming from, developing opportunities for underrepresented communities by partnering with organizations like NAMIC, The T. Howard Foundation, Prep for Prep, and The Walter Kaitz Foundation, in addition to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It’s something we’ve done for many years and something we will continue to expand. We’re also placing equal emphasis on the advancement of candidates once they’ve joined the company, tapping into our employee resource group communities for network opportunities and targeted mentorship programs.

What question(s) should you ask to ensure you’re achieving pay equity?
Because of where I sit in the organization, the question I’m consistently asking is what practices can we put in place to ensure equal pay for equal work. I’m proud that our company and senior leadership team is over 50 percent women, so pay equity is certainly top of mind for all of us. We’ve introduced a more robust and comprehensive talent management program that engages leaders on career mapping for our employees—this includes frequent audits to assess pay differences among people in the same or similar roles to ensure that we’re not perpetuating pay gaps that have historically impacted women and people from underrepresented groups, and frequent check-ins between leaders and their teams to make sure that everyone is aligned on responsibilities and compensation.

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