Janice Arouh, Entertainment Studios

Years in Industry: 20+

Education: B.A., Communications, John Carroll University

Independent networks always struggle to gain distribution, but Allen and Arouh have worked tirelessly to bring the nine Entertainment Studios Networks and streaming service Local Now to more viewers than ever before. 2020 proved to be a pivotal year with ESN finally gaining carriage on Comcast and the two dropping their ongoing litigation. In addition to launching ESN’s Comedy.TV, Recipe.TV and JusticeCentral.TV, the Comcast deal included renewals for Weather Channel and 14 broadcast stations owned by Allen. This duo is on a roll, having negotiated the return of Weather to Verizon Fios last year after a four-year absence.

Number of subscription streaming services: 
2—Netflix and Amazon.

The future of broadband is:

The first thing I’ll do when I’m back in the office is: 

My prediction for AVOD is:
It will be a $50bln plus global market by 2025.

Working from home has taught me: 
That I can be more efficient while staying engaged with colleagues and clients.

Last show binged not on your network:
“Dead to Me”/Netflix

What product could you not live without:
My iPhone

Honored For: