Dexter Goei

Years in Industry: 10

Education: Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

Industry-savvy, community-minded Goei led Altice USA through another big year that included a spinoff from its global parent company, the launch of new products such as the enhanced Altice One 3. 0 operating system and Altice Mobile, and the pending acquisition of Cheddar in a $200 million deal that will bring the digital news network into the fold along with its CEO Jon Steinberg, who becomes head of Altice News. To boot, he demonstrated fierce commitment to employees and corporate culture by strengthening Altice USA’s diversity and inclusion program and relocating the corporate HQ to a more vibrant neighborhood in Long Island City, NY. Goei also formed a long-term, $25 million partnership with just-opened NY arts center The Shed.

Honored For: