Years in Industry: 21

Education: BA, Williams College; MBA, The Wharton School

Motto I Live By: Family over everything.

National Geographic found a new home under Disney this year, but you’d hardly know it. Longtime leader Monroe has maintained a business as usual attitude while pushing Nat Geo’s programming to even greater heights. The network scored 17 Emmy nominations and five wins in 2018, with seven of those nominations going to anthology series “Genius: Picasso.” Nat Geo also found its first ever Oscar nomination with documentary “Free Solo.”

Last show binged not on your networks: “Homeland”

Who would you cast to play yourself in the story of your life? Courteney Cox because she is the only person who would know how to correctly spell my first name.

Latest slang phrase or hashtag you’ve learned from your kids? Spilling tea

Favorite podcast: “Recode Media” with Peter Kafka

What quality do you look for when promoting someone? Exceptional instincts.

Honored For: