Chara-Lynn Aguiar

Aguiar served on the executive cross-company task force leading up to the restructuring of The Walt Disney Co. and ESPN. Promoted last fall, she now oversees finance at ESPN—a $17 billion topline business in fiscal year 2023—and is liaison to Disney corporate finance. Her work proved pivotal in crafting ESPN’s first-ever public financial breakout presentation for last November’s Disney earnings call. This year, Aguiar and her strategy team collaborated with the business development team to launch the newly branded online sports book ESPN BET.

Do you personally still have a traditional cable video package? Hulu Live

TV series everyone should binge: “Succession”

If you were a social media influencer, what product would you peddle? Those Bic pens with four colors.

Fast food guilty pleasure: Taco Bell, though I feel zero guilt about this.

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