Allison Page

Page’s talent for telling engaging stories through unscripted home and lifestyle content served her well in developing Magnolia’s current slate of 700+ hours of programming—including 56 new original series. When overseeing this year’s launch of Magnolia Network on Max, Page showed other linear networks how to curate, develop and launch unscripted streaming content in a meaningful way.

“I see assumptions vs biases as the bigger problem for women’s advancement—particularly when people assume what women want or need as it relates to parenting.”

A McKinsey report on women in the workplace found women are leaving their companies at the highest rate in years, with the gap between women and men leaders the largest ever seen. What is one way the industry could help reverse this trend? Promote more women into leadership positions and you’ll give them a reason to stick around.

As a woman who grew up with Barbie, what was your reaction to Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie? It was fun and inspiring and more nuanced than I expected. And you have to love any film that includes “Closer to Fine” in its soundtrack.

What often overlooked issue do you wish would get time on the 2024 presidential campaign trail? I wish there was more conversation about connecting people with different viewpoints and the critical nature of compromise.

How do you know when it is time to take a risk at your job or in your career? Putting yourself out there is never a bad idea. Maybe what you wish for doesn’t happen, but maybe it will, and you’ll sleep better regardless of the outcome.

How do you de-stress? Jazzercise.

What is something you learned by mentoring someone? Humility.

Who is a good example of a powerful woman in entertainment and why? Kathleen Finch – she doesn’t get stuck in “how things used to be,” and she finds the opportunity and possibility in any situation.

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