Dexter Goei

Prior to assuming his current roles, Goei was CEO of communications company Altice Group. He makes the top spot on our list for entering the U.S. with a bang. While at the helm of that $27 billion company he led it through several major transactions—most notably Altice’s entrance into the U.S. market with the $17.7 billion Cablevision and $9.1 billion Suddenlink acquisitions. Expect to see continuous network upgrades, fiber expansion and investments in gigabit speeds from this powerhouse in the near term and beyond. Goei believes the technology that will most benefit cable over the next year is “Altice’s new Home Hub customer premise equipment, of course!” The all-in-one home center lets subs integrate cable video, OTT video, online storage, WiFi-connected devices and more in a single hub.

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