Sign of August Doldrums?

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Rep Anna Eshoo (D-CA) launched a contest on Reddit Thurs to rebrand net neutrality. The most popular entry on Reddit will be declared the winner—but just what that means is unclear. Do they get to smack someone’s hand for using the ubiquitous “net neutrality?” Current contenders include Toll-Free Internet, Internet Equality and Worldwide Digital Freedom. “Internet users know what they want and expect from the Internet, but these days all the jargon about net neutrality rules is making it difficult to know what box to check that advances their best interest,” Eshoo wrote on Reddit. “That’s why I’m hosting a contest on Reddit to rebrand net neutrality and bring some clarity to an otherwise muddy legal debate before the FCC finalizes its proposed open Internet rules. If Internet users care about their right to uninhibited access to the Internet, this is their opportunity to have an impact on the process, to help put the advantage back in the hands of Internet users, and to ensure that the free and open Internet prevails.”

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