Norman Lear Pokes The Donald

Will Norman Lear be the next subject of Donald Trump’s angry tweets?

The legendary TV creator didn’t shy away from giving his take on the upcoming presidential election at NAMIC and WICT’s L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship lunch Tuesday. On stage in front of a few hundred Diversity Week attendees, Journalist Touré said he had asked the “All in the Family” creator backstage before the interview if Donald Trump was the Archie Bunker of today.

“What did I say?” Lear asked.

“You said that Archie Bunker is authentic,” Toure reminded him.

That jogged his memory. “Donald Trump is an authentic horse’s ass,” Lear said.

Lear, who has written the memoir “Even This I get to Experience” (which was handed out to attendees), is no stranger to Twitter. He called presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson “#MEATHEAD” of the week” last week on his Twitter account.

Perhaps that’s what prompted a recent call from Carson to Lear. “He said, ‘hello, this is Dr Carson. May I talk with you?’ and I hung up,” Lear recounted.

As for the lunch, Lear seemed to enjoy it. “Thank U @NAMICNational. 600 seats & a copy of #ETIGTE on each one. At 93 I’ve never seen more spirit of generosity,” he wrote on Twitter.

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