New Name: Breathing New Life in to Discovery Fit & Health

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Discovery Comm pres/CEO David Zaslav made it pretty clear at a recent investor conference: Discovery Fit & Health is ripe for change. He acknowledged it wasn’t doing well, but said that means “we have another channel we can try to figure out what to do with.” Now, we get a clearer picture of what that is. A week before Zaslav made those comments, Discovery filed a trademark for Discovery Life Channel on May 21. On June 25, it filed a trademark for a logo and a couple days later it registered the domain Oh, and there’s also an official Facebook page for the Discovery Life Channel. The programmer confirmed it’s renaming Discovery Fit & Health on Jan 15 as Discovery Life, stressing that this is a renaming and expansion of current programming—not a relaunch. Fit & Health’s most popular programs (such as “Medical Detectives” and “Untold Stories of the ER”) will be fused with new series that “explore life’s unexpected challenges and the moments that really matter.” Look for medical mysteries, extreme conditions and people facing life’s unplanned moments. Initial shows in development include “Families on the Brink,” relationship experts help bring families back together, and “Tales from the Maternity Ward.” Discovery Fit & Health (formerly FIT TV) has more than 46mln households, according to Nielsen Universe estimates for July. It will target 25-54s, with an emphasis on women. The channel will remain under the purview of Henry Schleiff, group pres of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, American Heroes Channel and Discovery Life. Jane Latman will continue to serve as gm while retaining her post as svp of development for Investigation Discovery. “Broadening to Discovery Life Channel gives us a chance to make bigger, bolder programming choices while always, central to our brand mission, revealing life at its most critical turning points,” Schleiff said in a statement. A rundown of past Discovery network makeovers include: Investigation Discovery (formerly Discovery Times), OWN ( Discovery Health), The Hub (formerly Discovery Kids), Velocity ( HD Theater), Destination America ( Planet Green), and most recently American Heroes Channel ( Military Channel).

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