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“The X-Files” producer/writer Glen Morgan hasn’t lost his edge at all. With “Intruders” (Aug 23, 10pm) on BBC America, he offers an X-Files-esque sci-fi/paranormal twist and the kind of creepiness you probably haven’t felt since Mulder and Scully roamed the airwaves. This adaptation of Michael Marshall Smith’s novel of the same name uncovers a secret society whose quest for immortality has led them to inhabit the bodies of others. Morgan noted the emergence of vampire series and films in the past 10 years. “There’s that immortality element,” he told us. “The world is so out of whack that we want to start over? I don’t know… But I am seeing this kind of interest in immortality or giving certain life another try,” he said, noting A&E ’s pickup of “The Return,” a 10-ep drama set in a French town where local people who have long been presumed dead suddenly reappear. Morgan argues that the exploration of eternity and the mix of detective and horror elements are what make Intruders unique, with the idea of having another soul inside of a person letting characters to develop complexity and range. The series attempts to bring together numerous characters with multiple storylines such as a missing wife or a child running away from home. One character, Madison O’Donnell ( Millie Brown) amounts to a 9-year-old impression of a grown-up psychopath and will probably be the most talked about element of the show thanks to the uncomfortable level of maturity presented. Almost any scene with Millie is memorable, Morgan said. Like The X-Files, Intruders has plenty of suspense to warrant a continued engagement. The difference is it has a lot more creepy, disturbing elements that will chill you to the bones. “Every act you have to have a ‘boo’ scene that people will talk about the next day.” said Morgan. – Joyce Wang

“The Intruders,” pilot, Sat, 10p ET, BBC America. Ready the replay button, although it might not help. This Washington State-based paranormal series from Glen Morgan of “The X-Files” is well done, with an excellent cast including John Simm, Mira Sorvino, James Frain and Madison O’Donnell as a creepy kid with a past. Yet its plot of strange occurrences can be tough to follow. Hang in, ep 2 makes things clearer… slightly. — “You’re The Worst,” Thurs, 10:30p, FX. This fun new series is a hoot of a screwball rom-com. Tasteless Jimmy ( Chris Geere) and whacky Gretchen ( Aya Cash) star as 30-something singles who “hang out,” but insist they’re not a couple. Then why is Gretchen upset tonight when, as FX puts it, “Jimmy accidentally sleeps” with a sexy Hollywood celeb? — “Ray Donovan,” Sun, 9p, Showtime. We’ve slowly warmed to this series about Boston tough Ray ( Liev Schreiber) ‘fixing’ problems for well-heeled LA folk as his own vulnerabilities mount. Ray largely ignores his wife and kids as dad (Emmy-nominee Jon Voight) causes headaches. Schreiber directs this pivotal ep, where Ray loses control. — Notable: ESPN ’s fine coverage of The Little League World Series was matched by record offense. The consolation game is Sun (10a ET). — Our favorite part of Monday’s Emmys? Joan Rivers and “The Fashion Police” (Fri, 9p, E!). – Seth Arenstein

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