INSP Supports Vietnam Vets

Last week, Major General James Jackson, US Army (retired) and Vietnam War Commemoration director, met with INSP staffers to discuss the network’s ongoing support of Vietnam veterans and their families.

It’s been an issue close to the cable network’s heart for some time. In 2013, INSP became the one of the first media outlets to be honored as a Commemorative Partner.

“We have been proud to offer continued support to the Vietnam War Commemoration in gratitude to millions of Vietnam Veterans and their loved ones for their service, valor and sacrifice,” said INSP president/CEO David Cerullo. “Our critically-acclaimed Thank You For Your Service video has been presented throughout the country by the Commemoration as part of its mission to honor these courageous service members.”

The video has racked up more than 2.4 million Internet views, and reached even more through INSP, ABC’s “The View,” USAA web channels and more. It’s a reminder to honor those who served in Vietnam, who, as Cerullo puts it, “often have felt forgotten, overlooked and even disparaged for their sacrifice.” Check out the video below.

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