College Football Kick-Off

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DISH subs won’t miss out on college games on Fox Sports 1 after all. A few days ago the satellite provider warned customers they would miss 4 games this weekend, including Thurs’ Rutgers-Washington St match, because it was unwilling to pay Fox a “significant additional charge.” Something changed, with DISH telling customers Thurs that all 4 games would now be available to customers with America’s Top 200 and above packages. — Verizon FiOS subs got SEC Net in time for Thurs’ kick-off games, but turns out only those in FL and TX could see the action in HD. It seems most distributors, including DirecTV, DISH and Cox, are carrying the net in HD even outside of SEC markets, but Verizon has taken a different approach. A spokesperson said FiOS is looking at the possibility of offering HD in the future, but for now is starting with SD in non-SEC markets.

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