CFX Video: Debra Sharon Davis Talks OTT

Debra Sharon Davis, pres/CEO of Davis Communications Group, agrees that we’re in the golden age of television, but platforms have a long way to go if they’re going to make accessing content efficient while monetizing their efforts.

“Some of these OTT places are not really intuitive and it’s hard to find things,” Davis said in the latest CFX video. “They’re expecting you to think up what you want to see.”

There’s more than just bringing in users. She notes that Twitter has the numbers, but even the social media powerhouse has come under fire for a lack of profits.

“There’s an extra component of you have this and people are using it, so the question becomes ‘What is the monetization level,” Davis said. “You get to that point where you’re just aggregating people, but the question becomes how do you take that to the next level.”

View the entire interview, part of our CSG International-sponsored series here.

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